Create a Powerful Environment

Your home is supposed to be the most comfortable place for you. If your stuff affects your mood or interferes with your feeling productive, you may be waiting for a mood swing that makes you feel powerful. Don’t cheat yourself from growth and expanding your consciousness because you live a cluttered life. A clear mind soon disintegrates in a cluttered home. What your physical surroundings look like and what relationships you engage in limit or expand you. Your home should be a place where you get energized. Is it a place to relax, quiet the mind, and rejuvenate? If you need to locate something important, can you find it? Consider ways that can make your physical environment empower you. Organize if you must. Every where you look you see messages to simplify your life. There are warnings that if you don’t take control of what you own, it will control you. Today, choose to live with intention and set small goals clearing your space. When you decide to toss something out or give it to charity, see yourself as having decided what happens next with the item. You are using your power over your belongings by putting things out there. You participate in the law of circulation and open the avenue to the new every time you choose to discard your stuff. Your relationships either weaken or strengthen you. If something about your relationship makes you feel powerless and you can’t or don’t want to change it at this time, you can alter your reality. You do that by remembering your truth. Come from your place of truth. State truthfully what you want out of the relationship but know first what you want. This can be from a spouse, child, significant other, co-workers or friends. Additionally, they can be a vessel by which you attain empowerment. Healthy communication is the key. What you think of yourself determines what that relationship will be. If you did nothing else after you were born, you are still special. You are the only treasure worth holding on to. And that does not require you to change. You are here to expand and express. An investment in your state of mind is all it takes. You don’t need more things or more accomplishments. What you need is a larger sense of self. Understanding these truths enables you to bring something special to any of your relationships. How do you create a supportive environment when there are restrictions? If you have only a small space that you can claim yours, do so. A reading corner that you design with nice lighting, a comfortable chair and whatever else makes you feel good about yourself while there. If you can designate an entire room, then do so. Make it your cave or sanctuary. Call it whatever you want but let it be known that it is your space. If none of that is possible, you can move furniture around in a room and generate new energy and even change your perspective. You can think like a child and create your room to foster creativity and positive development. You may find it ignites your imagination too. Take a look at your car and what do you see? Your car implies more about your life than you think. If you have lots of things stored in your car including empty coffee cups that need to go into the trash, you inhibit your expansion. Your car serves as a symbol for progress and movement through life. When you block yourself with clutter, you block your ability to move forward. You remain stuck right where you are. Anytime you are stuck physically or emotionally from moving forward, you are in a powerless state. Clear out the physical clutter first. Not doing so will continue to make you feel powerless. Check your emotional issues around clutter that caused the clutter in the first place. Empower yourself by taking small steps to creating your powerful environment in your car. It may be an easier place to start than your home. Vision what you would want your car to look like if, every time you drove it, it made you feel that you could do anything or go anywhere in the world.

Mental Environment Are you spending your time watching television or movies where you vicariously live someone else’s life instead of creating your own. How you use your relaxation time can prevent you from achieving personal mastery as well. Entertainment in any form is relaxing and it gives you time to unwind. But make sure it is not your escape from frustration about where you are headed. You can get wrapped up in someone who is living the kind of life you find yourself wishing to have. When you are empowered you know how to pay attention to yourself. You know how to validate yourself and have a healthy sense of your self- worth. You don’t need to live vicariously through some one else. Other people can not fulfill your emotional needs. When you get thoughts of defeatism, you usually start comparing yourself to somebody else. Stop immediately because all you are doing is stacking the odds against you. It is important that you turn these feelings around. This is especially helpful if you are obsessed with following the successful person on television. You can rid yourself of inadequate feelings on the spot by getting re-centered and think instead that there is no one else like you and that you are unique. You are an individualized expression of Spirit. No one has your fingerprints or your talents. Then look at the positive qualities of others. Watch and learn from other people and emulate great people, but do so only to improve your skill sets. If others express negative opinions about you, keep in mind that what they say is irrelevant to you. What other people think about you is none of your business. When you are empowered, you consistently meet your own needs and you do not need to have other people’s attention. My therapist told me to be the cake and let anyone I form a relationship with be the icing. If you have relationships that do not sweeten your life, then do something about it. Perhaps you are looking for someone to be “your” cake? It’s your journey towards continuous improvement and only you can walk your path. Because personal empowerment comes from inside, you assume responsibility for yourself by becoming informed and focused on what you want to have in your environment. When things aren’t as you like them to be, you come to a realization that change is necessary. Being clear about what you want is important to being empowered. Committing to daily spiritual practices creates a guiding philosophy on how you can direct your life and keeps you on track. You naturally surround yourself with everyone and everything that empowers. You keep at a distance those people and things that make you feel powerless. In time, you will no longer attract people and things that take away from you. Your new environment will always be an addition to your life. It will be the icing on the cake. Whether you are in a situation that you can’t avoid or one that is self-imposed, you can find a supportive environment. You will attract people or things that feed you spiritually and are aligned with your vision. If people around you are not supportive, and you experience external resistance, be prepared for those people to become less a part of your life as you grow. Often people are uncomfortable to change. They may try to stop your growth, but as you maintain you power about where you are going, they will give up. Your power to move forward cannot be stopped by their stagnation. They are conditioned to how you used to be. You shake their world. They will join you on your journey or get out of your way. Making changes is scarey for some. Know that by your growth you are forcing them out of their comfort zone. They may fear that they are going to lose you and they are right. The old you is being replaced by the new person who has developed integrity, humility, justice and industry. What you can do to overcome this external resistance, is to get very clear in your own mind why you are now accepting yourself as responsible for you own actions, attitude and thought. Then, when you encounter resistance, you will have established your boundaries. You will not allow others to disrespect your boundaries because you will know that saying yes to them is saying no to yourself and doing so you are not in alignment with your truth. Remember the last time you were in a situation where you said yes when you wanted to say no. Let that be a thing of the past and know it is okay to say no. Living in integrity encourages more good things to happen in your life. Stay in alignment with who you are in every relationship at all times. You have to take care of you before you can take care of anyone else. You always have a choice. You become the example and an inspiration to others as you grow. If people are not physically available, you can create your own support group. Napoleon Hill calls them your Mastermind group. Select five people you admire whether dead or alive. They can be former presidents or scientists. Read everything you can about them. Next time a problem arises, you can ask yourself “what would these people do/” Pick out people whom you want to emulate, who inspire you. People who would make you feel honored to be in their company. As you progress and you make a commitment to be empowered, you will attract like-minded people locally. Join a book group where the books you like are being read. If you find none, start one. Commit to finding one person you align with and commit to supporting each other. Share each other’s ideas, goals and dreams and you will attract more like-minded people into your


Unlimited Potential Now


Imagine being so inspired that your life reflects the dreams you had in the past. Discovering your passion and making your dreams a reality happens in an empowered life. Everybody has a passion. You owe it to yourself to take time to find out what is yours. It is the key to achieving whatever you want in life and is the reason you accomplish anything worthwhile.

When you know what your passion is, you have your vision of how it looks and nothing keeps you from taking action. You walk through your fears focused only on your heart’s desire. Following your passion is a journey motivated by you.

You acknowledge each day is a gift and you open it like a present. You set the intention consciously and clearly how you want it to unfold. You carefully unfold your day aligned with Spirit. You embrace whatever is before you knowing it is all good. Any challenges are mere pebbles on your path and there is no such thing as an obstacle you cannot overcome. You see every event as energy and observe how it flows through you, accepting every experience as an opportunity to expand. 

Living your passion means that whenever you are faced with a choice or a decision, you will always choose in favor of your passion.