i am the author of Activating the Power Within – 8 Weeks to an Empowered Life,  teacher, facilitator and as well as a student of life continually learning about how to make this thing called life work.  I believe you are what you think. When life gives you lemons, I see a  pitcher of lemonade waiting for me when I’m thirty. That thirst is almost always time for growth.  Most of my study is focused on quantum healing. I currently study at American Institute of Holistic Theology. It has taught me so far that my destiny is in my hands solely based on how I think. Yes I inherited genes and other factors that make up the person I am today, but it is my ability to choose to believe what I think is true for me and disgard or change the belief that no longer seres me. I use Spiritual laws and works outlined in Sciene of Mind textbook as my guide. I believe as Dr. Ernest Holmes says, don’t do as I do, try it yourself. There is a science to life and you are the lab tech. I show up each day in gratitude for everything I demonstrated so far in my life. I see challenges not obstacles and declare that they are present because there is something for me to know. I have not been disappointed yet. I have worked very hard over some things and can say I earned an A+ in resistance to growing, but my greatest successes have been when I walked through some of the most difficult times. I am still walking through rough times, but I am not defeated by them. The more I rely on faith and my intuition, the better I am to move forward and live my life to its fullest.

This idea  of life

This idea of life


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